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Now, I am only a student, but I am still creating my value and I am proving it.

Pentester & Web Developer.

You know what's best for you? I'm looking into that too, why don't you join with me?

  • Birthday: 8 February 2003
  • Industry: Cybersecurity
  • Phone: (+84) 343.978.172
  • City/Live: Đ8, Linh Xuan, ThuDuc, HoChiMinh

Realizing the importance of creating my own self-worth, I am gradually overcoming my weaknesses to become a more complete being.


Some other fringe information.

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Four Years. Am I always by your side if you need me?

Eighty Percent. This gives you a choice.


Here are some of the key skills I'm aiming for. Why do I still write low skills? Because that's what I need to improve on at work to get to it all 100 percent.

HTML 99%
CSS 90%
JavaScript 30%
Presentation skills80%
Project management skills60%
English 60%
Office informatics 70%
Photoshop 55%
Django 10%
Play CTF10%
Hacking skills30%


Here are the positions and some information during my studies.



- Enrolled in information technology from high school, had 3 years of studied and doing practical projects at the school, responsible for manager and maintained machine room equipment. from 2018 - 2021
- Study at Ispace cybersecurity college with a major in cybersecurity from 2021 - 2024.


College Level & Cybersecurity

2021 - Present

Ispace cybersecurity college

Intermediate Level & Computer Programming

2018 - 2021

School of Digital Economics 2

Majoring in computer programming.

Professional Experience

IT Helpdesk

2018 - 2021

School of Digital Economics 2

  • Expand to 3 more engine rooms with a scale of 100 devices.
  • Administration and support for repair of equipment in a total of 6 engine rooms.
  • Support the design and connection of LAN systems.


You can learn more about my expertise while researching my blog, hopefully it will help you a lot, and also hope you guys embrace it ! ~_~

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Here are some of my recent activities.

This period of time is a "springboard" for me to understand more about society and live independently from the age of 18. Sincerely thank you for taking care of me!!!

Hình ảnh lỗi hiển thị

Participating in the fight against Covid - 19 epidemic in Dong Nai province.

You can expand your knowledge, the speakers present a lot of BlueTeam's projects, and also have the opportunity to interact with brothers and sisters in the industry.

Hình ảnh lỗi hiển thị

Participating in the panoramic workshop "Protecting digital resources" of the Southern Information Security Association of VNISA.

Participate in the opening program of the new school year of course k33.

Hình ảnh lỗi hiển thị

I am very fortunate to have been chosen to represent the school as MC. Learn more useful knowledge such as highlight, how to behave when MC, ...

While we weren't a top 10 finalist, we still went offline to cheer and learn more from they and more about AWS.

Hình ảnh lỗi hiển thị

Participate in the AWS Built-IT DeepRacer Machine Learning Competition.

Join Solana's Hacker House event held in HCMC.

Hình ảnh lỗi hiển thị

Join Solana's hackathon as a student. The event was about blockchain technology and 80% of the participants were foreigners.


You can contact me via the contact section or contact me via the publicly available social media links.


Đ.8, Linh Xuân, Thủ Đức, NY 535022



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